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The city of Cordoba founded in 1573 on the banks of the river Suquia, stands out as a very important urban and cultural centre being the gateway of all itineraries for tourists. The Jesuits: in 1599 the Order of the Company of Jesus settled down in Cordoba and, until they were expelled in 1767, they spread throughout the region forming a network of churches, convents, schools and "estancias" with thousands of animals, vineyards, printing houses and industries. These were, Estancia of Caroya (1616), Jesus Maria (1618), Santa Catalina (1622), Alta Gracia (1643), La Candelaria (1678) and San Ignacio (1725). In the year 2000, the Jesuit Block and the five Jesuit Estancias were inscribed on the World Heritage List. Brief description of the site according to UNESCO: “The Jesuit Block in Cordoba, heart of the former Jesuit Province of Paraguay, contains the core buildings of the Jesuit system: the university, the church and residence of the Society of Jesus, and the college. Along with the five estancias, or farming estates, they contain religious and secular buildings, which illustrate the unique religious, social, and economic experiment carried out in the world for a period of over 150 years in the 17th and 18th centuries”


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